Chris McDonald

Chris draws on his free range childhood spent in the harsh southern landscape of New Zealand for inspiration. Growing up in a rural area he was free to roam in a backyard playground of native bushland, windswept beaches and wild rivers. This freedom has given him a limitless imagination and he continues to challenge himself to transform everyday objects into art. Chris followed his wanderlust and spent his formative years travelling and working as a chef. His knack for problem solving and eye for detail continued to be finely honed when he grasped the opportunity to work with a master boat builder. This leads him to discover his present mediums of choice which include fibreglass, carbon fibre and resin. Chris has used these mediums to create a futuristic tribe, crafting an ultramodern head for each, which is then embellished with recycled components and/or organic materials including horn bone, feather and hide. Chris has weaved these unexpected and foraged objects into the mix giving them another opportunity to be appreciated. A chance encounter with a street sweeper metal bristle embedded in his car tyre lead to the creation of “Sweeper” which contains approximately 900 of these bristles. Each of these were individually collected by hand from the streets of his local neighbourhood. And “108 Wishes” includes 108 chicken wishbones that were lovingly saved from the weekly roast. Each wishbone has been painstakingly threaded together with copper wire to form a unique headpiece. Chris continues to experiment with new mediums.