Roz McQuillan

I developed a love of drawing as a child, when I first drew my aging auntie in the bath. I have always been fascinated by people, their character and the individuality of their faces, which has led to my passionate interest in portraits and figurative work. My nudes are real people, not generic or idealized. I try to capture the essence of a person, their uniqueness and the way they express themselves in their body. My other fascination is with the drama of light, and the way it shapes and changes objects, enhances composition, and creates mood. I work in a number of mediums, including pastel, charcoal and conte, pen and ink, gouache, watercolour, acrylics, pencil, photography, and mixed media and am currently painting in oils. I find that changing and experimenting with mediums keeps me fresh and open to learning. My style is contemporary whilst firmly rooted in realism. Influences along the way have included Degas and Toulouse-Lautrec, Rembrandt, Japanese art, Egon Schiele, Klimt, Sargent, Lucien Freud and Richard Schmidt. I have studied oil painting with Peter Churcher, Lee Machelak and Maxwell Wilkes, and drawing with Harold Freedman, Geoff Dupree and Godwin Bradbeer. My work, including commissioned portraits and nudes, is represented in many private collections, both Australian and International. I have had solo exhibitions at Brunswick Street Gallery – A.G.R.A – Gallery #9 and Gaffa Gallery. With many awards for each year dating from 2006 to 2014.



Jessie with Blue Hair – Oil on Canvas – 40 x 30 cm – NA



The Girl with the Red Fox Tattoo – Oil on Canvas – 60 x 60 cm – $1150



Joanna on Blue – Oil on Stretched Linen – 50 x 40 cm – $850



Annie’s Letter – Oil on Stretched Linen – 60 x 60 cm – $1150



Annie – Oil on Stretched Linen – 60 x 60 cm – $1150



Portrait of Amy – Oil on Stretched Linen – 60 x 60 cm – $1150



Carmen with Kimono – Oil on Stretched Linen – 50 x 40 cm – $850



Carmen Relaxing – Oil on Stretched Linen – 50 x 40 cm – $850



In the Morning – Oil on Stretched Linen – 46 x 35 cm – $700



A Good Book – Ink & Pastel on Tinted Paper – Framed – 66 x 50 cm – $650



You can leave your hat on – Ink & Wash, Mounted in an off-white matte – 70 x 51cm -$470



Day Dreaming – Oil on Stretched Linen – 60 x 60 cm – $895



Joanna Relaxing – Conte Pencil & Wash, Mounted in White wooden Frame – 70 x 51 cm – $550