Richard Manning

Richard displayed a natural artistic ability from a young age winning an art competition at the age of ten. After finishing school, Richard qualified as a Specialist Painter and Decorator, & later completing an Interior Design Certificate at RMIT. The vagaries of work and family put on hold Richards artistic ambition with spasmodic works being his only artistic output until….life drawing classes in the mid 90’s and later courses at the Geelong Fine Art School rekindled his artistic fire. Focusing on his art over the past five years, Richard has moved through different painting genres to develop and hone his new signature style. Richard uses formulas and brush techniques to push boundaries in a seemingly crazy way, but it works! Looking for a category to classify Richard’s painting is difficult but vibrant colours and organic shapes hint at modern day abstract with a touch of cubism.



Lines Interrupted Acrylic on Canvas 150 x 100 cm – $2200


Lines Interrupted 1 – Acrylic on Canvas – 120 x 100 cm – $1800

Untitled Acrylic on Canvas

Untitled – Acrylic on Canvas – 180 x 120 cm – NA


Paint Pallette 2

Paint Pallette – Acrylic on Canvas – 180 x 120 cm – NA


miro type 1

Whim 1 – Acrylic on Canvas – 91 x 60 cm – $800


Miro type 2

Whim 2 – Acrylic on Canvas – 91 x 60 cm – $800


Richard work displayed

Works on Display at Gallery #9