Maree Nicolaci

“Hello I’m Maree, an Artist from Northcote/Melbourne. My works are freehand painted using a variety of mediums on canvas. I completed a diploma in Art & Design, portraiture being my main focus. Painting since 1989, working mainly on a commission basis and exhibiting throughout cafes and galleries in Melbourne’s inner city. I appreciate all aspects of the art world embracing new art culture and refusing to regurgitate what already exists. Pop and contemporary is more my style, although I’m always evolving. You can find me in my roof space converted art studio, inventing, experimenting, singing and being messy”.



Untitled – Acrylic on Canvas – 60 x 92 cm – $500


Untitled – Acrylic on Canvas – 50 x 37 cm – $375


Untitled – Acrylic on Canvas – 75 x 100 cm – $700


Untitled – Acrylic on Canvas – 75 x 990 cm – $700