Dan Plasto

Hi my name is Dan and I paint shit. I get all my frames, wood and canvas from op shops, garage sales and hard rubbish. I don’t drive so I usually lug my finds on the tram, train, bus or I will happily walk a few k’s carrying up to 40kg of artist booty, whatever it takes to get the job done! I use a variety of mediums, lots of house paint, metal epoxy enamel, spray paint, acrylic, glass paint, porcelain paint, nail polish, glycob, textile ink, automotive paint and whatever else I can find. I always paint wet on wet, working with the chemicaql reactions of different mediums. I use the gravity of my surfaces as well as the density of various mediums that enhances the chemical reaction and creates a variety of textures. I channel my sould and emotions through music, movement and paint. When I paint I completely lose myself and get into a trance like state where nothing else exists and time stops. I stop thinking and just do. It all comes from somewhere within. I have complete freedom and do not follow any rules or etiquette. I paint for the sake of the activity, there is no end game. I have painted for ten years and I only have recently put my work on show because it was my mums wish. “I exist as I am. That is enough.” – Walt Whitman


Lava Lamp – Epoxy Enamel, Spray & Glass Paint on Canvas – 40 x 50 cm

Dan-1Fuel My Fire – House, Water, Acrylic & Enamel Paint on Canvas (framed) – 138 x 130 cm Dan-6Treaty – Tile & Glass Paint on Canvas – 35 x 45 cm Dan-3Down the Drain Like Molten Toothpaste – Textile, Ink, Acrylic, Spray, Glass Paint & Nail Polish on Canvas – 61 x 91 cm Dan-5The White Knights Talking Backwards – Epoxy Enamel & Glass Paint on Canvas – 70 x 70 cm