Bahman Vahabi

These paintings created based on Persian historical literature. They provide a free visual image of characters from ancient sagas, which are full of love stories combined with poems and classical traditional music. The females represent beauty of life, mystery of love and mysticism of the culture. Nevertheless the ancient history reminds us the Persian Horse as a symbol of freedom and victory. The male horse riders show the loved ones in the…



Girl with Horse 2 – Oil & Gold Leaf on Canvas – 91 x 91 cm – $5700 SOLD


Girl with Instrument

Girl with Guitar – Oil on Canvas with Gold Leaf – 62 x 95 cm – $5300


Bird Love

Bird Love – Oil on Canvas – 80 x 80 cm – $6300


Girl with Horse 3

Girl with Horse 3 – Oil on Canvas with Gold Leaf – 76 x 76 cm – $4500 SOLD