Alex Nemirovsky

Alex’s paintings are eloquent articulations of his percepts of the beauty and aesthetic value of his mystifying subjects. He works imaginatively to combine Central Asian decorative colours with classical European and Russian traditions. Even as he portrays tumultuous oceanic scenes filled with disparate religious motifs, his works reveal a profound inner serenity. The paintings are like magical realism in visual form, exploring universal themes of the life cycle and the hidden mysteries of the universe. His works vary dramatically in scale, from medium sized paintings to expansive public spaces. His largest work to date is the mural, (The Lady of St Kilda), which spans the railway bridge in Carlisle Street Balaclava, Victoria. In every piece he draws on themes from ancient polytheistic practices and tribal rituals creating unique universes that fold in onto themselves. Alex Nemirovsky studied in St Petersburg. His influences range from the great international masters of the Hermitage to the Australian wilderness. He has exhibited his works throughout Europe and Australia.




Euphoria – Oil on Canvas – 95 x 69 cm – $3250



Morning – Oil on Canvas – 96 x 96 cm – $2990



Night – Oil on Canvas – 62 x 92 cm – $2730


Jim Morrison

Portrait of Jim Morrison – Oil on Canvas – 43 x 35 cm – $950



The Lady of St Kilda sculpture on Carlisle Street at Balaclava Station was commissioned by the St Kilda Council in 1993. With the help of his father Ruv Nemirovsky also a sculptor and painter & some volunteers they worked in the dead of night after trains stopped running to errect this nautical themed sculpture. Still sitting proudly today in the heart of Carlisle Street for all to enjoy! The sculpture recently had a restoration in 2014 to rectify graffiti (morons), discolouration & rust which had accumulated over 22 years..



The making of “The Lady of St Kilda



Alex Nemirovsky at work



In progess



Almost there!



And finished! We Love our Lady of St Kilda! Thankyou Alex!


Conversation with myself

Conversation with Myself – oil on canvas – 128 x 98 cm – $3800


Art Class - oil on canvas

Art Class – Oil on Canvas – 90 x 60 cm – $1850


Sleeping Butterfly

Sleeping Butteerfly – Oil on Canvas – $1700


Model with Red

Model with Red – Oil on Board – 17 x 92 cm – $750



Toreador – Oil on Canvas – 90 x 28 cm – $2750


Interior with the Red Cat 1993

Interior in the Moon Light with Red Cat – Oil on Canvas – 137 x 126 cm – $4500


Lovers by the Fireplace 1993

Lovers by the Fire Place – Oil on Canvas – 112 x 100 cm – $3300


Lucky fisherman - mixed technique on paper

Lucky Fishman – Mixed Media on Paper – 56 x 76 cm – $1500


Rock concert - mixed technique on paper

Rock & Roll Night – Mixed Media on Paper – 56 x 76 cm – $1500